Collective Impact

What is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact is a model of framework for social change involving communication and coordination across the public, nonprofit, business, and government spheres. Driven by data, community leaders work together towards a common goal.

Why Promote Collective Impact?

The Chautauqua County Education Coalition knows that no one organization can solve critical community problems alone. That’s why we collaborate with stakeholders across Chautauqua County. Together, we can enhance and strengthen the County’s learning system. 

Collective Impact Across the Nation

Since 2011, more and more communities are using Collective Impact to grow and change. Check out the resources below to see Collective Impact at work!

The Collective Impact Forum: A network of individuals sharing resources, tools, and success stories.
Strive Together: A National movement to improve educational outcomes.
EcO Networks: Working together to promote education and fuel economic growth.

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